Update Workshop “Muholi on Visual Activism”

Unfortunately, due to illness Zanele Muholi will not be able to attend the conference nor be able to give tomorrows workshop “Muholi on Visual Activism: Artistic Collaborations and Political Participation”. However, the workshop will still continue with Lindiwe Dhlamini of Inkanyiso.org queer media collective – tomorrow at 11:45 – 12:45 (Paviljoenzaal).

As we hope Muholi will start feeling better soon, we are also looking forward to the workshop which will unfortunately be without her but with Lindiwe Dhlamini, who, among other things, volunteers with the Inkanyiso media collective. Since 2006, this collective of ever growing LGBTI contributors focuses on visual arts and media advocacy, and believes “Queer Activism = Queer Media”. Further interesting background is Dhlamini’s involvement in the protests around the University of Cape Town, leading both Rhodes Must Fall (2015), starting off demanding the removal of the statue of Cecil Rhodes but growing to target institutional racism present in the educational system in South Africa, and Fees Must Fall, calling to address the inequitable access to higher education in South Africa. As part of the workshop, Dhlamini will give a performance, reading from her collection of short stories that, as Dhlamini puts it “speaks to violence, using activism and art to highlight the kind of violence people go through on a daily basis.”


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