Introducing an Invited Speaker: Imara Limon

This week we are introducing another inspiring participant of Thursday’s roundtable “Artists, Academics and Curators Unite! World-Wide Perspectives on Cultural Production in Times of Crisis”: Imara Limon!

Imara Limon
Photo by Renata Chede

Imara Limon (1988) is curator at the Amsterdam Museum, where she curated the exhibition ‘Zwart  Amsterdam’ (‘Black Amsterdam’, 2016) about black role models. Limon has a background in Contemporary Art, Museology and Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam. She is curating an exhibition programme with The Black Archives, and setting up New Narratives; interactive museum tours from diverse perspectives that reconsider the narratives told by the institution. Limon was part of the New World Summit team, founded by artist Jonas Staal, and the manager of Frontier Imaginaries, founded by curator Vivian Ziherl, with international exhibitions and publications. She co-curated ‘Nieuw Amsterdams Peil’ (2017), a collaborative project with curator Alessandro Vincentelli (BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art) and six Amsterdam galleries. Limon is an advisor at the Mondriaan Fund and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK), and winner of the Museum Talent Prize 2017.


See also…

Limon’s website

or read a brief view words on the making of the exhibition ‘Zwart Amsterdam’



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