Introducing an Invited Speaker: Rosalind Galt

As registration is (finally!) open, we continue with introducing speakers. This week: Rosaling Galt! Galt will participate in Thursday’s “World-Wide Perspectives on Cultural Production in Times of Crisis” roundtable together with Isaac Leung, Imara Limon and Feminist Art Gallery (FAG: Deirdre Logue/Allyson Mitchell).

Rosalind Galt-5

Rosalind Galt is Professor of Film Studies at King’s College London. Her publications include Queer Cinema in the World, coauthored with Karl Schoonover (Duke UP, 2016), Pretty: Film and the Decorative Image (Columbia UP, 2011), Global Art Cinema: New Theories and Histories, coedited with Karl Schoonover (OUP, 2010), and The New European Cinema: Redrawing the Map (Columbia UP, 2006). She teaches and researches in questions of film aesthetics and geopolitics, with a particular interest in gender and sexuality. Her recent articles address questions of animality in new Greek cinema, perversity in the films of Lars von Trier and Ben Wheatley, and globalization and male violence in Claire Denis.


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