Introducing an Invited Speaker: Jackie Baier

As you might have noticed when you were reading the program, there are some speakers we have not introduced yet. Therefore in this blogpost we are very excited to introduce to you… Jackie Baier!

Johanna Jackie Baier

Johanna Jackie Baier (born on May 3, 1955, in Kiel), graduated in 1982 as Master of Arts in Literature at the University of Essen. Following graduation, Baier worked as unit and production manager and later on ss assistant director for film and television productions. Throughout the 1980s, Baier was continually involved in the independent film and media scenes of West Germany, and produced and directed documentaries and shorts, including feature-length compilation film MISSION – Film of Peace and its War (wp: International Forum/Berlinale 1983). Furthermore, Baier wrote and directed two feature films, Die Splitter der Eisbombe/Splitters of Ice Bomb (1985) and Frühstück für Feinde/Breakfast of Enemies (1988), for ptb station ZDF. In 1993 Baier moved to Berlin, and since 1997, Jackie Baier is officially a woman. Since then, she continued working as director of TV series and independent documentaries, however putting  increased emphasis on her freelance photography since 1999, participating in numerous exhibitions such as the seminal group show SEX WORK (NGbK, Berlin 2006/7).

Other highlights in Baiers career since then are:
2009 Artist in Residence, Copenhagen/DK (DIVA / Danish Arts Council).
2011 feature-length documentary HOUSE OF SHAME premiered at 61st Berlin IFF (Berlinale).
2013 feature-length documentary JULIA premiered at 70. Venice IFF / Italy). JULIA was released in German theaters in January, 2015, and has been broadcasted by HBO Poland (June 2015), HBO The Netherlands (November 2015) and by Portugese ptb RTP II (2016).


Danni and Chantal at House of Shame – Jackie Baier (2010)


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