About You: Inspiring Proposals and Difficult Choices

This is the last week before our holidays start, which means that it will be quiet here for about six weeks. We have some really interesting posts lined up for half August, however this week we wanted to do something different. We want to spend this post talking about you and especially by thanking you.

In the past few weeks we have been reading the proposals you submitted, and in the past few days we have been sending out emails to let you know whether your proposals were accepted or not. However, the process that took place in between the reading and the emailing  – the process of deciding who to accept – was incredibly tough. And we want to thank you for that, as it was due to your abstracts and proposals being so truly inspiring and exciting, that making a selection was so hard – but it also made it a great experience. Thank you! Furthermore, to share a bit more about you, your proposals were on a wide range of interesting topics related to the theme of the conference, including migration, racism, institutional politics and ethics, street art, protest art, neoliberalism, autonomy, occupation, de- and postcolonial approaches, mental health, care, geopolitics, ecology and so on. We loved reading and discussing them. We loved getting to know you, to learn about your research, your projects and art. So yes, we wholeheartedly thank you!

As we received three time more proposals than we could accept, we had to make difficult choices, especially as we also tried to keep an eye on how the different paper presentations would fit together. Due to that incredibly high number of submissions we will not be able to provide those not accepted with individual feedback. We apologize for that, and hope you understand. We hope you will still come participate in the discussions in December. Registration will open in mid-September.

To close for now, once again, thank you for sharing your research, projects and arts with us. The conference is starting to take on more shape, and we are already really looking forward to it!!!


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